Why Counselling - Sanctum (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
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People often come to therapy because they are unhappy, dissatisfied, perhaps even confused about their experiences of everyday life. They find that their life is not what they thought it would be, or could be, or “should be”. The discomfort that is felt can at times be very painful. The thought of changing can feel scary, and after all, it’s a hard thing to do. To try and find the reason for our unhappiness can often lead us through complex emotional terrain. In trying to change we often discover that there are no easy answers, no magic pill. Ultimately, what affects us, makes us happy or sad, hopeful or frustrated — is not external, but within ourselves. And changing ourselves is hard.


Up until this point, you may have gotten along by ignoring your problems. Maybe you have been making do by sticking to what you know and doing what you think others want. And perhaps you now feel this isn’t working for you.


The aim of counselling is to gain a greater understanding of our own complex and ever-changing network of thoughts, emotions, and filters of perception. Through reflection and being gently challenged, our actions become more conscious, not just habitual reactions. The impact of our past on our present is not set in stone. Through exploration of our inner selves and our relationships, we have the possibility of change.