Mental Health and Medical Professionals - Sanctum (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
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If you are someone working in a therapeutic, medical, or helping profession, you may struggle to seek your own mental health support due to the stigmatisation of the professions. You may also fear loss of confidentiality and the effects seeking help will have on your career. I offer a discrete space to mental health and medical professionals who would like support in working through concerns and experiences of both a personal and professional nature. For individuals who work on-call duty, I can offer a flexible cancellation policy.



Possible themes mental health and medical professionals may encounter:

  • Compassion fatigue.


  • A past trauma may become triggered by patient material. Personal defences, patterns or emotional strategies may be interfering in personal or professional relationships.


  • Dissatisfaction with the achievable quality of patient care. Feelings of anger, rage, and sadness about a patient’s victimisation. Bystander guilt, shame, or feelings of self-doubt.


  • Poor quality and/or risky working environments. Lack of support from workplace management.


  • Personal relationship demands and finding a work life balance.