Mother Wound - Sanctum (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
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The quality of connection that we had with our mother (or primary caregiver) growing up, directly impacts the relationships we form in adult life. This includes the relationship we create with our own children.

A lack of mothering is called a ‘mother wound,’ and if left unresolved can be passed down through the generations.

This lack of mothering may be due to your mother being an alcoholic or drug addict. But often it happens in less obvious ways, such as having a mother who is emotionally distant and preoccupied.


Signs of a Mother Wound:

  • Your mother wasn’t there for you on an emotional level.
  • It is hard to accept care from others.
  • You are reluctant to turn your mother for comfort and support or experience strong instincts to protect her.
  • You struggle with low self worth.
  • Self soothing/emotional regulation is difficult.
  • You feel emotionally responsible for other people.


It is my privilege to work with both parents and people without children on this issue. Together, we can make sense of the relational blue print you are currently carrying and find ways to create meaningful shifts in your relationships.

If you would like to explore the impact of your mother wound on your parenting, check out my group therapy page for additional support.