Group Therapy - Sanctum (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
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The Under-Mothered Mother:

Allowing Motherhood to Guide Personal Healing.

Motherhood is a profound developmental phase that can be deeply transformative. For this to happen, we often must allow ourselves to become painfully but necessarily undone. This group has been created to support this meaningful process.

As we step into motherhood, we may find that our past experiences and unmet needs resurface, impacting our present experience of ourselves, our relationships, and our identity as a mother. This has the potential to open doors to self-discovery, offering a unique opportunity to explore your past in new and profound ways. If you are a mother who had a difficult childhood and feels the weight of these experiences, this group may be for you.


A Focus on Personal Healing:

This therapy group is designed to prioritize your personal healing journey, rather than focusing on your parenting skills. Motherhood is not just what we become for our children, but what we can finally become for ourselves. Our children naturally benefit from this process, but it is not the emphasis of the group.


Process-Oriented and Psychoeducational:

In this group, you’ll find a supportive space for sharing your stories and experiences. This is a process-oriented group, which means that by showing up and engaging in the process, new self-understanding is gained which in turn creates shifts in your life. Through compassionate sharing and active listening, you will gain strength and validation in knowing that your journey is valid and understood. As the facilitator, I will share psychoeducational theories and insights that will deepen your self-understanding and give clarity to your process. Together, we will break free from unwanted generational patterns and foster healthier relationships with ourselves and others. As we heal, we lay the groundwork for a more fulfilling and connected motherhood experience and a more healthily bonded relationship with our children.


Spaces are limited.

Date and Time: Friday Mornings at 10am-11.15am

Location: 12 Castle Street, Hereford HR1 2NL

Fee: £25 per session

For more information or to request a call to discuss attending the group

Contact Laurel Tester