Existential Work - Sanctum (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
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Existential counselling is above all things a philosophical study of the ‘self’. I will be interested in understanding your position in the world and will be wondering “what does it mean to you to be alive?”


The aim of existential therapy is not to change people but to help them to recognise the transformative process of life. The assumption is that when we face reality and explore our experience of being alive, we are likely to feel more empowered to create the life that we want.


During existential work, I will often ask you questions in order to check whether a certain event or situation is seen in a particular light. Sometimes I will make an enquiry in order to clarify a perception, along the lines of an exploration: ‘What makes this so important to you?’, or ‘What is this like for you?’, or ‘What does it mean to you?’ The question never suggests a solution or judges right or wrong, but investigates your personal opinion and inclination. During therapy, I am committed to exploring these questions with a receptive attitude, rather than with a dogmatic one, though initial explanations will almost always be questioned and explored in greater depth. By joining you in your own personal pursuit of truth, a life’s narrative is uncovered and can be examined further.


This process of gaining a greater understanding of what makes the world meaningful to you, will assist you in finding purpose and motivation, direction and vitality.